TEDx Talks from 2023

Challenging our disordered thinking about Neurodiversity by A/Prof. Sarah Verdon

A/Prof. Sarah Verdon spoke at TEDx Wagga Wagga in November 2023.

This talk will challenge everything you know about neurodiversity, busting myths and shedding new light on the positives of embracing the diversity of all people.

Sarah is a speech pathologist, early childhood researcher and mother of three. An Associate Professor in Speech Pathology in the Faculty of Science and Health at Charles Sturt University.

Creating safe spaces - A forensic tailoring approach by Jonathan Ho

Dr Ho spoke at TEDx Wagga Wagga in November 2023.Dr Ho is both a Forensic Doctor, and an Amateur Tailor.

From a very early age, Jonathan was introduced to tailoring by his mother, a fashion designer.

As a result of interacting with his mother's medical professionals, Jonathan began thinking about the similarities between the two vastly different practices/professions.

This tinnitus discovery could lead to a new treatment | Kristin Barry

Dr Kristin Barry spoke at TEDx Kings Park Salon in August 2023. If you thought your tinnitus was a problem with your ears, think again--literally.

A new discovery about which parts of the brain connect to the auditory centres is shining light on fresh pathways to future treatments.

Dr Kristin Barry is a research fellow at the Ear Science Institute Australia and adjunct at the University of Western Australia, with her career keenly focused on investigating the changes that occur in the brain after traumatic sound exposure. Kristin was drawn to this area of research by her fascination with the phenomenon of phantom limb perception.reason to do business with you.

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